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Turning Concepts into Capital 

Since 2007


Hourly and Signature Services



MBA Services by the hour is not only competitive but affordable when comparing like firms in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our fee structure and Introductory New Client Rate make it easy to secure a seasoned professional accounting team, dedicated to working with you to ensure your ongoing business success.



Non-Profit Management


Nonprofit leaders know many funders prefer their investment go directly to community-based objectives and programs, not the indirect services that support and make the programs possible. MBA Services understands this dilemma and would love to show you how to stretch your budget, save time and accomplish your goals despite this pervasive trend.




Are you operating on a tight budget, but know your business could grow with an accounting partner to monitor trends, forecast what's on the horizon and produce sound financials? If so, the Associates at MBA Services would love to review your business structure to see if you qualify for our Retainer Program.







Service is not just in our name, it is the very core of why we exist; thus we begin everything from a premise of being affordable, accessible and innovative. From this perspective, we recognize all businesses are not the same and may require a custom approach to achieving mission-critical goals; which is why the Quarterly Financial Review Program is one of our signature services.




I’ve owned and operated my own business (Priscilla, J. Friesen, LICSW LLC) for over 20 years. During that time, I’ve also sat on the Board of a growing nonprofit (https://www.murraybowenarchives.org), established, managed and transferred ownership of another LLC (http://thelearningspacedc.com/) and currently control 50% interest in a partnership LLC (https://www.navigatingsystemsdc.com/); and through it all, MBA Services has been an integral part of each stage of growth and transition for all four of these very different business enterprises. They are my go-to Team for small business and nonprofit accounting and management. 


Story District

In addition to accounting and bookkeeping, for over 7 years MBA Services has worked with Story District on multiple levels of nonprofit financial management, including but not limited to budgeting, grants and accounting policy and procedures development. During that time our budget tripled and we moved from home offices, to our own customized office building. Without reservation, I can say MBA Services has been an essential partner at every stage of our continued growth and success.


Words, Beats & Life

When MBA Services arrived, our financial system consisted of three milk crates. Today, we have organized financials that directly facilitated the completion of two successful audits. We secured over $300,000 in national funding and government contracts that we would not have received without their help. If you are a startup or an established organization, MBA Services is an amazing asset.

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