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Hourly Services and Rates


Our Services

MBA Services by the hour is not only competitive but affordable when comparing like firms in
the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our fee structure and Introductory New Client Rate
make it easy to secure a seasoned professional accounting team, dedicated to working with you to ensure your ongoing business success.

We know that finding the right accounting firm is a crucial first step in taking your business
future seriously. However, some sole proprietors and small businesses start with a DIY
approach to accounting; only to find that amateur mistakes can be both costly and detrimental to the going concern of the business. MBA Services takes all of this into consideration and makes a concerted effort to align our hourly rates with our tri-service benchmarks of being affordable, accessible and innovative.

Our fees are listed in a range per service as accounting costs are affected by the size of your
business, your accounting needs and the background and experience of the accounting
professional. To learn more about our hourly rate call or click today.




I’ve owned and operated my own business for over 20 years. During that time, I’ve also sat on the Board of a growing nonprofit, established, managed and transferred ownership of two LLCs. Through it all, MBA Services has been an integral part of each stage of growth and transition for all four of these very different business enterprises. They are my go-to Team for small business and nonprofit accounting and management.

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