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Community Collaborations


Dollars 4


MBA Services commitment to community doesn’t end with our nonprofit and small business work relationship. Our community conscience structure includes having a presence and investment in our neighborhoods and the people in them; which is why MBA Services Dollars for Scholars program is open to both high school and college registered Washington, DC residents.

The application deadline for the Annual $500 Award is July 1st. Award recipients are notified by August 1st. Are you or someone you know a budding leader or a catalyst for positive change and progress; if so, please complete the application, partner with MBA Services and be the change you want to see. 

To apply for the scholarship, click here.

DMV Freedmen 
&By the People Media

MBA Services is proud to partner with the local nonpartisan advocacy group DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia) Freedmen; which likewise empowers By the People Media. We are committed to providing financial services and infrastructure support to both groups, as we work towards reparations and providing the full rights and opportunities of citizenship for the Descendants of America's Emancipated People; that has never fully been realized since the inception of the United States of America.

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The DMV Freedmen was the featured story in the 2023 Pre-Juneteenth Courtland Milloy Washington Post column.

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